Welcome‎ SWEET SOUL .

Grateful you are here. Grateful for this experience with you. I hope you are well and I look forward to connecting with you. May my work help your bowl of light shine brightly!!!

I know this season has been hard for many. The world feels so heavy right now. After the suffocating and unearthing three years, with lockdowns and isolation, I feel strongly that so much was stripped from us. Especially women raising families, especially women in business. especially mothers.

Even in the seasons of hardship, isolation, urgent change, we must be surrounded by a tribe that supports us. Sacrificing our tribe as we go through life, that is cutting our own lifelines. Whether we are opening businesses, becoming mothers, raising children, supporting our children out into the world, growing through relationships; Our truest gift to the world is our light and each other. We must come together in every way. Show up for each other without judgement or pretense. Erase all the facades that society asks us to wear. Be “come as you are” friends. Shine brightly for each other. Be a North Star. And ask for support, care, comfort, grace from our tribe as we embark on this life together.

This life was meant to be shared. To be experienced with connection. Thank you for honoring me with this shared journey.




I am a Mother of four precious babies that I honestly never thought I’d be blessed with. I’m a wife to my best friend, my soul mate, a soldier, an incredible father, and a true life partner who encourages me to pursue my truest self. Our life together ignites a fire of my soul to live every day fully. To shine my radiant light brightly through all I do. To show my humanness, to take every chance, to connect home to my highest self, to light the path, to be the sun ray, the light. Guide, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend... 


I previously founded the Raw As A Mother brand, podcast, book, and coaching courses. The creator of a unique coaching business designed to help mothers uncover their truest selves. I taught mothers from all walks of life, in any stage of motherhood, how to live a life that is empowerment & embodiment in all areas.


It took hard lessons and deep self work to overcome the lies of the world. To truly accept that I am a radiant bright light. That my existence here is a miracle and deserving of greatness. I am worthy simply by being. In that acceptance, I realized all the struggles of my life were FOR me. Their lessons created the mother I am. The wife. The coach. The creator. The business owner. These lessons, they honed my gifts, my intuition, my open channel. I’m here to share insights and wisdom of those moments with you. To guide you in cocreation with the universe a life that is sustainably built for your souls purpose.

Founder of The Elora Empress

I am the Founder of The Elora Empress, divine light and cellular activation mentorship. With my signature program at the epicenter of my business, my focus guides the beautiful soul through an immersive, intuitive journey to unlock their inner power and greatness. Releasing the stones we carry in our bowl of light. Touching every area of life, through holistic healing practices, mindfulness, to understanding our energies and frequencies inside the cosmos.


I wish I had a healer at the beginning of my journey who treated me like a best friend.

Someone who had sage advice but also met me where I was along the way. Someone who held my hand as I cried on the cold floor. Someone who showed me my gifts  are precious and to be embraced. A friend who cut through the BS of the surface level stuff. Someone who got straight to the deep and unspoken truths of the universe.

Someone to say, “this shit is about to get real!” And, “I’m right here with you.”

The person to hold me as I cried and guide me to piece myself back together. The person to say 

“I too know what this is like…”

the mother I was 10 years ago needed someone like me.

The uphill battles I faced and the ones to come almost crushed me as a mother. HG, PPMD, prolapse, true knots, miscarriages, mastitis, colic, seizures, special needs. Navigating so much of it in the “should” and “must”.  I know what it’s like to raise a child alone due to military deployment. To feel the sting of motherhood without a tribe.  I know what it’s like to birth 4 beautiful humans and to not birth two I was expecting. I know what it’s like to receive a cancer diagnosis with three small children and wonder what their lives will be like without me. To then go through sepsis, toxic mold, and severe Lyme disease years later. To write a living will for my children. Fight with the Universe to stay for them. To beg to live everyday with them. And to win.

I know the true depths of isolation

I know what it means to be raised with a chronic illness and told I’d never be a Mother. I’d never be successful. The lies the world puts on us. How isolating trauma becomes. I know what it means to thrive after trauma. I know what it means to RISE. I know what it means to survive rape alone. I know what it’s like to fight for a marriage to a man plagued by the demons of war. To choose him and fight along side of him for his life. I know what it’s like to try to thrive in a life that is overwhelming because of doing all the supposed to’s. I know what it’s like to fight for this body, this life, to stay here!!! I know what it is like to choose a life that no one understands and build my own tribe. To save myself. To save my children. To save my family. To enjoy this life fully and freely.

Those moments were heart wrenching. And I was blessed to survive.

I stripped away the toxins of the world to heal my heart & Soul.

I stripped away the toxins to heal my emotional wounds. I stripped away the toxins to heal my marriage. I stripped away the toxins to heal my body from cancer holistically. I stripped away the toxins to heal my business life from stagnant practices. I stripped it all away. Peeling back the layers to reveal the bare truth of what really matters in life.  My light. My loves. My creation. 

I feel strongly called to work with women who were standing in my footsteps 1,5,10 years ago.

I knew all I’ve been through was to pay forward for that mother. So she may know she is perfect as she is, she is a radiant light, she can grow into all she longs to be, and she has a tribe beside her! I’ve spent the last 15 years dedicated to learning about holistic nutrition, reiki, frequencies, yoga, breath work, nlp, mindset, organic living, entrepreneurship, & personal development. I’ve spent the last 10 years coaching women internationally on up-leveling their lives, businesses, and bodies. 

I was able to launch a successful podcast, sold out coaching courses, attend bucket list training, travel to dream locations with my family in tow, work from the comfort of my bed while nursing my babies, and drastically change the trajectory for our family.

My book was everything I taught in my 12 week coaching courses earlier this year. With the overwhelming response to the course and each class selling out, I knew I had to get the information out into the world for more mothers to have access to some simple and life changing truths. It is everything I’ve seen women need over the span of my coaching career. It is everything I wish I’d had at the beginning of my first pregnancy. My podcast was interviews with mothers from across the globe to break down the barriers of discussing all the unspoken truths of motherhood. 

Fast forward to 2020 and my body started deteriorating drastically. I had major red flags that went overlooked and I spent my year only being able to tolerate minimal activity. Even in advocating for my care well for over a year, due to world events, my health care and my career all came to screeching halts. By the end of the year my body was suffering from a blood infection, sepsis, late stage Lyme, mold toxicity, that I nearly died from. As I was out of my body for seven days, I argued with the Universe to stay. Pleading that my life’s work wasn’t complete.


I was bedridden for months and in that time I created. I soaked in my family. I envisioned my life and path before me. As I came out of my darkest hour, I was faced with my parent’s mortality as they were both hospitalized. My mother came home, my father did not. 

I had to face the mirroring of everything I had just been through to save my own life. I was grateful that my body was strong enough to spend day in and day out in end of life care for my father. To comfort him. To fight for him. To open the realms and ascend him. To accept my role as the open channel, the bridge, and be willing to witness the sacredness of death. The mirror to birth. The creation of life anew, out of this realm, into a new transformation. This is the highest honor of this life.

What the rapid loss of my health, loss of my father, my dearest best friend, it has taught me, even when our lives are going well, it can all come crashing down in an instant. Life is this precious experience we ask to come here for. We contract to be in this body, in this time, with these people, to fulfill our purpose. The heaviness of this world, the suffering, it can overwhelm and cause us to forget what we came here for, what we came to experience, to be a part of.

We all have gifts, a divine light, a spark from conception, a sacred bowl of light inside each of us???

Even though I was born as an open channel throughout my life I asked for the gifts to leave me. I didn’t know how precious this experience was and how my gifts could heal. It was in almost losing my life that I begged to stay, I begged to keep these gifts, I begged for my hands yo he used to create, to heal, to ascend for others. 

If you leave here being impacted in anyway. Know these simple truths. You are magic. You are a divine light here to create. You are the healer. You are life. Enjoy all the moments. Take time for yourself. Let go of everything that doesn’t matter. Gather your tribe. Show up for your community. Love them hard.

May the struggles and awakenings of my life expedite your journey back home to yourself. May not another moment be lost on unknowing. Awake. Come home. Ignite. You are the light we all need.

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